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About The AWP

The Amazing Women Podcast  presents listeners with a fresh, female narrative that emboldens and empowers. From trials to triumphs, this compelling podcast offers an exclusive, honest look into the lives of businesswomen who have paved their own career paths, and who fully believe that others can do the same.

Presented by host Rob Kopman, the best-selling author (over 500,000 copies) of 30minute-Seder and creator of the “Use Your Words” workshop, The Amazing Women podcast was inspired by many of his clients who are female entrepreneurs and business owners. Moved by their stories of perseverance and tenacity, Rob created an uplifting space where accomplished females share their wisdom and, in turn, empower and unite other women. Rather than asking the same old tired pre-scripted questions, Kopman goes deeper into the personal histories that motivated these brilliant women to succeed.  What sets him apart as a host is how often he’s told, “Nobody’s ever asked me that!

“While the business environment has definitely improved for women, discrepancies persist in pay, education, and business based on gender. By airing The Amazing Women podcast, I am joining the fight to promote change by passing the mic to women who are fighting against inequality with their words, actions, and successes.”

Episodes can be found on Spotify, Google Podcasts, C-Suite Radio,  Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher, as well as this  website. They feature a variety of professions, talents and experiences, including TV personalities, CEOs, company founders, and more.

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Meet Your Host

Rob Kopman

Rob’s list of careers and interests include self-published author selling 500,000 copies of an Amazon top 100 best-seller, public speaker, woodworking craftsman, employer, e-commerce and internet marketer, world traveler, innovator, father, and husband.

He is now adding podcast host to that list.

Innately curious, his favorite activity is asking questions of interesting, successful people. He’s the guy on the plane you don’t want to sit next to unless you’re prepared to share your business story and be entertained.

His favorite clients have always been women business owners, so when deciding to do a podcast, it was only natural he decided to focus on successful women entrepreneurs. His main goal for this podcast is to be an inspiration for women to reach for the stars and either start their own business or grow the one they already own. “Men and women are not equal, that would make life a lot less interesting. However, I believe gender should not be an issue when it comes to pay, education, or business opportunities. In researching ideas and topics to include for my podcast, I was surprised to see how unequal those opportunities still are. I intend to be part of the solution, not the problem.” Rob Kopman

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Rob and his wife Karyn now live in Scottsdale, AZ.

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