Anthology Opportunity

The email below is what I received Friday morning from Alinka Rutowska, CEO of Leaders Press that I mentioned at our C-Suite Friday Celebration.

For more details or to discuss, email me at or or just text me at 480.991.2815.

She addressed the offer to me, but she said I could pass it on to a few of my clients.

Simon & Schuster distributed USA Today / Wall Street Journal best-selling Anthology. Topic: Leaders Who Last (Please RSVP)

Oct 8, 2021

Dear Rob,

Here’s what I have in mind to get you USA Today / WSJ best-selling author status:

I’m putting together an anthology on the topic Leaders Who Last (can be leaders in any field), aimed at hitting the USA Today / WSJ best-selling list in March.

I’ve now turned more than 130 authors into USA Today / WSJ best-sellers through my anthologies: Write and Grow Rich, Business Success SecretsQuitless and Habits of Success.

There’s only a short window of opportunity to join this anthology because it will be distributed via Simon & Schuster and they need the list of authors asap.

Here’s how it works:

  • You block your slot by Tuesday.
  • You deliver a print ready chapter according to our guidelines by Nov 15 (there’s an option for you to be interviewed and for your chapter to be ghostwritten at $1k)
  • You get regular updates as I prepare the book for publishing and launch it to best-seller status in March 2022. (There’s a long lead time because we work with traditional distribution channels via Simon & Schuster and we’ll be distributing the book to bookstores as well.)

In March you will call yourself a USA Today / WSJ best-selling author, proudly display that title on your book covers (existing and upcoming), use it in your marketing materials, business cards and email signatures and even take a selfie in the bookstore with the book on the shelf!

The financial investment required from each co-author to make this happen is $5k.

Your success is 100% guaranteed or you get your $$ back (I confidently take all the risk due to my 100% success track record)

I’d love to work with you and turn you into a USA Today / Wall Street Journal best-selling author 🙂

We’re delivering the cover to Simon & Schuster asap (with your name on it when you sign up right away!) so when you reply and say “I’m IN” I’ll take it from there.

You in? 😉