Alan Handlesman – Hypnotherapist, International Speaker, Trainer, Presenter

Amazing Women Podcast
Amazing Women Podcast
Alan Handlesman - Hypnotherapist, International Speaker, Trainer, Presenter

“Every person brings different skills…The differences between men and women in business should not only be celebrated, but used as an advantage.” – Alan Handlesman

As a professional musician for over 30 years, Alan began looking for solutions for his own stage fright and depression. He found much more. For the past 20 years, Alan has been helping people reduce stress, change habits, sleep better, and overcome obstacles to achieving their goals professionally, personally, in relationships, and for their own well-being. He has developed unique methods to break through old barriers in ways that are fast, effective and empowering. Alan has presented to professional and educational organizations across the U.S. and in Canada, England, Norway, and Switzerland.

I asked Alan on my show because he works with many women business owners and I wanted to explore the differences between men and women in how they approach business. It turns out that when you look deep enough into people’s behaviors, sense of self-worth and fears, we are more the same than we are different. And yet, there are some subtle differences that can be used to our great advantage. Alan has a keen understanding of human emotion and how that drives us to do what we do. This was a very interesting conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. – Rob kopman

Topics Discussed

  • Overcoming Stress
  • Professional Power
  • Work Less – Achieve More
  • Burn Bright – Not Burnout
  • Habits for Success
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Overcoming Fears

Resources and Contact Info 

Phone: 602-478-8346

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