Amy Shuckhart – Amalyn Consulting – Employee Benefits Advisors

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Amy Shuckhart – Amalyn Consulting - Employee Benefits Advisors

Amy Shuckhart – Amalyn Consulting

Employee Benefits Advisors

“At MetLife, I was very successful, but I did not ever see my family.”

Amalyn Consulting, is a boutique insurance advisory firm that has specialized in creating and implementing employee benefit programs since 2011. Their Phoenix-based company is dedicated to providing comfort, security and financial well-being through educating clients and their employees on how to become better consumers of insurance and healthcare services. In allowing Amalyn Consulting to become an extension of your company, you and your employees will be protected from unforeseen events 365 days a year by a partner that truly has your best interest in mind.

Amalyn Consulting is licensed to do business in several states including California. Contact Amy to see if they are taking on new clients in your state.

“My worst failure is also my greatest success.”

Amy’s best advice: “Listen to your trusted advisors!”


Topics Discussed

  • We talked about her biggest challenge—hiring and firing staff.
  • How do you know the right time to let someone go?
  • Every client is different. They all have different benefits needs.
  • She considers her staff as service people, not salespeople.
  • “Our engagement level is what separates Amalyn from every other benefits broker.”
  • Talked about what’s new in the insurance world.
  • She was excited about a new innovative life insurance product you can purchase online in less than 10 minutes.
  • In the time it takes to get your coffee at Starbucks, you can secure your family’s financial security on your mobile phone.
  • No medical exam or underwriting. You don’t even have to talk to an agent!
  • Amalyn is licensed to do business in several states, but mostly in Arizona.
  • Amy loves to work with women business owners with 20 to 250 employees.

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10 Minute Term Life Insurance: Click HERE or visit

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