Dhomonique Murphy – 3x Emmy Award Winner and Leader of Positive Personal Development

Amazing Women Podcast
Amazing Women Podcast
Dhomonique Murphy - 3x Emmy Award Winner and Leader of Positive Personal Development

Dhomonique Murphy – The Right Method

Dhomonique Murphy is a 3x Emmy Award Winning Journalist and Mrs. Virginia American 2020.

She has developed a course for positive personal development called, “The Right Method”

Dhomonique was invited inside the homes of 17 world leaders in their field–everyone from co-founder of Constant Contact Alec Stern and Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington to New York Times Best Selling Author Sharon Lechter, Mitzi Perdue, and so many others. Each of them was so impressed by Dhomonique, her interview skills, her in-depth research, and her electric personality to motivate masses, that each and every one personally endorsed Dhomonique and The Right Method™.

Dhomonique is a leading industry expert in the field of positive personal development. She is credited for securing some of the toughest interviews and is highly respected for her ability to get anyone to open up about anything. ​

Dhomonique Ricks Murphy is the President of The Right Method™, LLC and a highly sought-after public speaker. Dhomonique, who was also recently crowned Mrs. Virginia American, has appeared on stages across the nation and has spoken to and appeared in front of more than a million people in her career. ​

The three-time Emmy Award-Winning television host and journalist has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, FOX, ABC, NBC, HSN, CBS and countless radio, print, and local television platforms.

Dhomonique is the author of RESET, which was published October 2020. 

Topics Discussed

  • There really is no right method, but there is a right method for each of us
  • Everyone wants the same 5 things: love, respect, purpose, health, and financial independence
  • Believe in yourself, don’t be a victim or make excuses
  • 97% of people can’t look at themselves in the mirror and say “I’m amazing” (and mean it).
  • Whether you think you can or you a can’t, you’re right.
  • You have to believe in yourself
  • Social media is just a random representation—it’s never the whole picture
  • The 28-day social media detox
  • Practice gratitude every day
  • Failure vs. opportunity. Whenever you feel you have failed at something, substitute “I found an opportunity” for “I failed.”
  • How she turned being canceled into an Emmy!

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