Jenna Biancavilla – A “Holistic” Financial Planner

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Amazing Women Podcast
Jenna Biancavilla – A “Holistic” Financial Planner

Jenna Biancavilla – A “Holistic” Financial Planner

“Wealth is more than just having money- it’s living abundantly and ensuring you are leveraging your wealth to live your best life.” …Jenna Biancavilla

Founder and CEO of Pearl Capital Management, Jenna L. Biancavilla is an independent, comprehensive financial planner. Her extensive experience with thousands of different financial situations makes her an expert in complex personal wealth management strategies. In 2014 & 2015, Phoenix Magazine named Biancavilla one of the top 50 wealth advisors in Arizona. In 2020, she received the 40 under 40 award from the AZ Business Journal.

With over a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Jenna Biancavilla personifies expertise in comprehensive retirement, real estate, and investment planning. She provides her clients with a winning blueprint for planning and achieving their financial goals. Using an array of sophisticated investment, financial planning, and lending solutions, her clients experience what it means to have a trusted advisor who truly understands the complexities of wealth management.


Topics Discussed 

  • The difference between commission based financial planner “stock pickers” and a planner that takes a holistic approach.
  • She relies on her trusted advisors for superior money management.
  • She got her start giving free college planning all across AZ.
  • Just as Jenna was promoted to manage the west coast operations of her company, the business was sold leaving her with nothing. She took a few days to be depressed, picked herself up and started Pearl Capital Management.
  • Has $140,000,000 under management.
  • Clients must have at least $250,000 in investable assets to be her client.
  • Her business model is simple; “I provide tremendous value to my clients.”


“I ask, What do you expect to get out of a financial planner? Then I just do what people want. It works really well in business.”

Contact Info

Jenna’s cell# 602.446.6394

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