Monique Idemudia – Dragon Digital Marketing – Part 2

Amazing Women Podcast
Amazing Women Podcast
Monique Idemudia – Dragon Digital Marketing – Part 2

Monique Idemudia is the founder of Dragon Digital Marketing. A black-owned and women-led business based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. They help small businesses grow with the power of great digital marketing.

What Makes Them Different To Work With

A lot of digital marketing agencies focus on the creative and come up with many ideas but not with an actual plan of action on how to realize these ideas and achieve the marketing and business goals. Dragon Digital Marketing is different because they focus on digital marketing strategies for small businesses. They create small business marketing plans that are actionable and bring a positive return on investment. They measure marketing success by increasing their clients’ business value in the long-term and measure and track metrics that are directly related to ROI without neglecting the importance of beautiful creatives and designs.

Why Working With Them Is Unique

A lot of digital marketing agencies focus on mass marketing strategies that are intrusive; like sending out unsolicited direct messages and emails to a cold, unsegmented audience and relying heavily on advertising. Dragon Digital Marketing is different because they don’t believe in being spammy and salesy. They believe in raising awareness for small businesses by making them stand out. They achieve this with personalized and targeted content that attracts the right people organically because it provides value by answering questions and solving problems. They help small businesses to strategically create, publish and promote content across many different digital marketing channels.

Pretty good description, huh? I have to confess I lifted it right off their website and changed a few pronouns to make it sound like I wrote it. If you think it was written well, perhaps you should contact them.


Topics Discussed

  • What to look for when hiring a marketing agency.
  • How to know if they are a good fit for your company
  • Some comments and contact info.


Resources and Contact Info

Phone: 727.308.0030

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