Nancy Hetrick – A Brilliant and Innovative Business Model

“I spent the first 18 months in business with a mantra that I held near and dear—‘feel the fear and do it anyway!’ And that was the way I got through the first two years. I did not have the money. I had faith in myself.” – Nancy Hetrick.

After going through her less-than-optimal divorce, Nancy founded Smarter Divorce Solutions, through which Nancy and her team envision a world where the divorce process is not adversarial, financially confusing, or unreasonably costly. They believe that by providing thorough written analysis, recommending solutions, advice on the negotiation, and a shoulder to lean on, they can turn fear and uncertainty into peace and confidence at an affordable price. And they are committed to a kinder, gentler divorce process for all involved. 

Nancy has built an organization that not only “practices what they preach” but also generates substantial income by providing financial guidance and investment solutions to their clients. Nancy’s business model gives her a steady stream of new financial clients that already trust her and want to do business with her and her investment advisors. It’s a brilliant and innovative business model.

Nancy Hetrick, a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF), a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA), an Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS), a Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor (CMFC) is a financial advisor, planner, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

She is also the author of Divorce Is Not For Dummies, How To Cover Your Assets and Divorce Financial Planning: Building a Successful Niche Practice, and co-author of The Stress-Free Divorce, Volume 2.

“90% of human beings have absolutely no need for a criminal system to deal with a family issue.”


  • Rob and Nancy talk about her business.
  • Nancy’s office uses “A meditation to help couples to resolve their property settlement, with no lawyers, no judges, no courtrooms, truly a kinder, gentler, much more affordable way to go through the divorce process.”
  • Do you find that many people who are getting divorced remember why they got married?
  • Most of Nancy’s clients want both parties to be okay.
  • The financial planning side of Nancy’s business
  • Rob shares a story about his first marriage and divorce
  • The key to Nancy’s business success
  • The ethics involved in being both a divorce mediator and financial advisor to the same client. Is there a conflict of interest? What are the rules?
  • “Female business owners don’t adequately protect their own intellectual property.” They share it too freely and are afraid to charge enough for it.
  • The millionaire mindset and coming from a place of abundance
  • “If you’re afraid of overcharging and you are giving away a lot of free services, you need to do some work on your money mindset.”
  • Would you pay $30,000 for a coach when starting out in business? Nancy did.
  • Anyone who’s going to be an entrepreneur, in order to be successful, you must be a lifetime learner.
  • Why is business more challenging for women? Women don’t think big enough.
  • Her mantra: “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”
  • The importance of creating a strategy and a plan with built in milestones
  • She’s a big fan of Darren Hardy, previous editor of success magazine. He has several affordable, useful programs including a 6-week program for $395 (updated 1/15/21)
  • We discussed some important divorce settlement details
  • The culture in her office has a definite female attitude

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