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Pat Iyer - Writer, Ghost Writer, Editor

Pat Iyer – Writer, Ghost Writer, Editor

“Being an author in itself doesn’t pay the bills as much as the opportunities that come from being an author.” – Pat Iyer

Pat is a “class act.” Many people call themselves writers, but Pat is the real deal.

Pat is an experienced author, podcaster, editor, and ghostwriter who loves to work with others to share their knowledge and expertise. Pat has edited or written over 800 chapters, books, online courses, case studies or articles. She excels in repurposing content and assists experts to create online courses from their content.

Pat’s writing tips and legal nurse consulting tips are both available on her mobile app. Get it at . It provides videos, podcasts, articles, courses, and online training to continue your learning.

Pat also coaches legal nurse consultants and shares her 31 years of experience in legal nurse consulting in her books, articles, courses, and Legal Nurse Podcast.

Topics Discussed

  • Pat has written or edited over 800 chapters
  • She has written or curated 49 books including textbooks
  • Several of her books had other contributing writers, which is a way to produce a book without writing all of it. Chicken Soup for the Soul is a good example of that model.
  • Her podcast, “Writing to get Business”, hosts people who write business books
  • Pat admits she has only made about .35 per hour in royalties, but has made millions from opportunities created by her books
  • Sold her consulting/ expert witness company for more than a million dollars because she used a brilliant method to make her business saleable
  • Lesson learned from her biggest business failure: “Just because you are offering something people need, doesn’t mean they will want it.”
  • Sometimes a business failure will lead to a related business opportunity
  • Pat’s big takeaway: “Being an author in itself doesn’t pay the bills as much as the opportunities that come from being an author.”
  • Writing a book has become a requirement for getting speaking engagements; it enhances your credibility as an expert in your field

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