Rosaria Cain, CEO and Founder of Knoodle

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Rosaria Cain, CEO and Founder of Knoodle

Rosaria Cain – CEO and Founder of the Knoodle Ad Agency

Rosaria has an impressive career history along with many successes and one spectacular failure. What’s that failure? You’ll have to listen in to find out. I will however say this, even with all her accomplishments she remains a down-to-earth, giving person (and a smart businesswoman). At the time of this interview, she is the incoming president of the Phoenix chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and acts as a mentor to many aspiring female entrepreneurs. And… she has an interesting perspective regarding vacationing in Italy!

Rosaria’s passion and energy has attracted and retained clients for over 20 years, including impressive clients like Fulton Homes and the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce. A champion of the entrepreneurial spirit and founder of Knoodle since 1999, she has a continual desire to always be learning something new. Right now, it’s learning to speak Italian! Rosaria’s extensive media background includes leadership roles at FOX, CBS, The Arizona Republic and K-Lite Radio. However, she will tell you her greatest win is the internal team she has assembled at Knoodle.

Knoodle is a full-service advertising agency headquartered in Phoenix. Since their founding in 1999, they have been focused on creating the most impactful work for their clients. From integrated campaigns and videos to design, their work creates real connections with people that drives results. 

Topics Discussed

  • Knoodle is 21 years old
  • They take a “disruption” approach
  • What does disruption really mean?
  • It’s critical that your business stands out from your competition
  • Knoodle launched “WashClub” Phoenix – with a disruptive idea
  • They use A/B testing to see what resonates with potential customers
  • Insight driven businesses like Amazon and why they’re different
  • How she started her first business after working for the Fox TV network
  • Why the Phoenix area is attracting so many new businesses.
  • NAWBO (The National Association of Women Business Owners)
  • Rosaria’s $250,000 failure opening a business in San Diego
  • Do your research. Hire a local attorney, not one from a different state
  • Don’t use your credit line unless absolutely necessary. Manage your expenses
  • Combing work and vacationing in Italy three time per year and why it’s a good idea

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