Sandra Dee Robinson – TV Actress, Speaker, Trainer and Founder of “Charisma On Camera”

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Amazing Women Podcast
Sandra Dee Robinson - TV Actress, Speaker, Trainer and Founder of "Charisma On Camera"

Sandra Dee Robinson – TV Actress, Speaker, Trainer and Founder of “Charisma on Camera”

”I learned that no matter how educated you are, how good looking you are, talented, wealthy or famous, you still have to face the crippling self-doubt that comes with expanding current boundaries and trying something new.” – Sandra Dee Robinson 

Sandra and I had a very philosophical conversation. Sandra is intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, and a joy to talk to!

Sandra Dee Robinson is a television actress, speaker, trainer, author, TV/Radio Host, Communication Coach, Founder of “Charisma on Camera,” Nature lover/ Advocate & “Personal Empowerment Enthusiast.” She’s also an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator for effective leadership, speaking, video, and media. And…she can make you look great on Zoom!

The media has titled Sandra Dee, the “Charisma Coach.” She assists companies, entrepreneurs, and well-established experts to help them naturally develop authentic power behind their personal presence. Starting as a teen, she portrayed major roles in: Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and many prime time shows: CSI Miami, Criminal Minds and Two and a Half Men… among others. She attributes her consistent success in the challenging TV industry to the lessons she now has honed into effective coaching programs, workshops, and seminars.

“When you own the magnificence that is inside you, the world will act accordingly.” – Sandra Dee Robinson


Topics Discussed

  • What is an Unbridled Life?
  • Common traits of successful people: Drive and Purpose
  • She works with a wide variety of people, but they all have that sense of drive and purpose
  • Fear can be a great motivator if used correctly
  • The secret to being joyful is being present
  • Horses are great role models for being present. “Ask a horse, What time is it and they’ll say, Now!” For them there is only the present and what’s around them at the time. It’s always now.
  • The dangers of not listening to your body
  • Sandra has a love and understanding of how all the world’s creatures, and plants, are connected. She is mindful of and appreciates her place in the world
  • Life wasn’t always good. Her mother was a cruel sociopath. She was able to use that experience to make her a better actor
  • We discussed her acting career and how very successful she was
  • She was shy and introverted when in her own skin because of a lack of self-worth
  • We talked about how to look good on camera and be charismatic
  • What is charisma and why is it so attractive?
  • When on camera, don’t focus on the lens, focus on someone you know that makes you feel good and energized. Imagine them standing behind the camera.

Resources and Contact Info

“Training to Look and Feel Great in your Streaming Videos and Zoom Calls.” A Crash Course.

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