Make Money With Your Book  Not From Your Book 

Day 1: Why you need a book in today’s business world that has your name on the cover.
Day 2: Learn the difference between a writer and author, different styles of business books with the advantages of each. The truth about best-seller status & the importance of a good table of contents, great cover and title.
Day 3: How to hire a ghostwriter, what they cost, and how to get other experts to contribute chapters, and the importance of a good cover.
Day 4: How do you get believable, positive reviews and instantly have a sales force promoting your book. At the completion of these 4 days together, you will have the tools needed to “USE YOUR WORDS” to build your business with a book.

Join me on this 4-day challenge and learn how to make money with your book, not from your book.

My next "Use Your Words" challenge coming in November 2021.

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Rob Kopman

Rob Kopman is an “Amazon Top 100” best-selling author with $3 million in book sales, the Host of The Amazing Women Podcast on C-Suite Radio, and the Founder of Use Your Words challenge and workshop.

He helps Women Thought Leaders build their own story by writing and publishing a book to attract an audience, build their influence, and position themselves as the “category authority” in their marketplace.

Whether you write it yourself, have other thought leaders contribute chapters, or hire a ghost writer, right now is the best time to own your story and use it to build your competitive advantage. “There’s no better tool than a published book to help you create business opportunities and justify charging higher fees.”

Have you ever said, “I’d love to get my book done, but it’s expensive, stressful and takes too much time?” In 30 minutes, Rob Kopman will show you how it’s possible to get your book written, published and best used as an efficient, cost-effective marketing tool and why you should be Making money with your book—not from your book!

Rob’s “Use Your Words” 4-day challenge will provide you with everything you need to start putting together your book including the table of contents and a list of potential contributors along with a guaranteed source of testimonials.

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