Use Your Words Challenge & Workshop

"Authoring a book has become an essential marketing tool for coaches and speakers."

Why is it better to make money with your book as a marketing tool, than with sales of your book? Take my next “Use Your Words” Challenge to find out.

Or jump right in to my next workshop and create a book of your own! 

Rob Kopman, CBO

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Be THE AUTHORITY in your niche!

To rise above the marketing noise, you must be known as the authority in your niche. The absolute best way to do that is with a book.

“Writing a book has become a requirement for getting speaking engagements; it enhances your credibility as an expert in your field.” -@Pat Iyer – Ghostwriter and Speaker

About Rob

Host of The Amazing Women Podcast and Best-Selling author with over half a million books sold and $3,000,000 in in book sales and he still thinks it’s better to make money with your book than on your book. Rob loves teaching the skills necessary to not only get your book written and your story told, but to get your book ready for market, set up to sell on Amazon, and use your book as a tool to elevate your brand. He has been on the Amazon Top 100 Best-Sellers List for 3 years in a row and continues to generate revenue with his publications. More importantly, he knows how to leverage your book or e-publication to make you stand out as THE AUTHORITY  in your niche. 

And now, he’s revealing how he does it and will teach you how to do it for yourself. Take his “Use Your Words” 4-day Challenge and walk away with actionable items to get started on your book. Sign up for the Workshop and he will walk you through every step from Table of Contents to Publishing. Then, learn how to take your book and make money with it. 

"Rob Kopman is without a doubt a talented writer, teacher, and book marketer. As an interviewer and podcast host, he does an amazing job of getting successful women to share their fascinating stories with us.
Chris Colt
Challenge Champion